How To Make A Scented Candle

How To Make A Scented Candle - There are a great many people who enjoy making scented candles. For the rest who do not know how, here is how to make a scented candle!

Ingredients you will need:

- Wax - Wax comes as plain paraffin and can be found at supermarkets and craft stores.

- Wick - Varying in sizes you can buy the wick at any hobby or craft shop.

- Scent - You can use oil based perfumes, potpourri or any other scents and also can be

found at craft and hobby shops.

- Color - Candle color chips can be found at hobby shops and craft shops.

Items you will need:

- Heat source Stove or gas burner

- Double boiler

- Thermometer that can be attached to the side of the boiler

- The Mold A coffee cup, jar or anything with smooth sides that wont melt

- Kitchen Skewer

How To Make A Scented Candle - Before you start to make your scented candle cover your work area with paper, something you can throw away after your project. Put the wax into the container and put the container into the double boiler. Heat up the stove to medium and boil the water gently.

Make sure the wax has completely melted . Use your thermometer to make sure the wax is completely melted. The wax should be one hundred seventy five degrees Farenheit.

Add the candle color chips into the hot wax. Make sure you add small amounts of the chips to the wax as it is very difficult to tone the wax colour down by adding more wax. Also remember that wax changes color when it cools, so I would suggest you take out a small amount of wax and let it cool to make sure it is the desired color you want.

Add the scent to create your scented candle. Do not use too many scent half a teaspoon will do the job. Stir the wax slowly to mix all your ingredients.

Now remove the wax container slowly from the water. make sure the outside is dry so that you dont get water in your mold/candle. Pour the hot wax slowly into the mold.

As the wax sets, use the skewer to poke the candle, inserting it into the candle as it cools. This will add air into your scented candle which will help to keep its shape when you remove the mold. Pour some of the extra liquid wax into the holes created by the skewer.

After about four hours (depending on the size of your scented candle) you can remove it from the mold. The easiest way to remove your scented candle from the mold is to place the mold into the refrigerator for an hour. This will shrink the wax.

Use the skewer to make hole for the wick. Insert the skewer into the center of the mold. Turn the skewer around to prevent it from sticking to the wax. Now insert the wick into your scented candle. If you have trouble doing this, insert/dip the wick into the hot wax and make sure its straight. That will make it stiff and it will be easy to insert the stiff wick into the hole created by the skewer.

When that is done, trim your wick and the project is completed. you have just created a scented candle!


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